Councils on Aging (COA) are the principal agencies of local government that serve the elderly and were first authorized by special legislation in 1956.  Councils on Aging & Senior Centers provide support services to elders, families and caregivers in the community. As a local agency, the Councils on Aging & Senior Centers serve as an elder advocate, offers services, and activities for elders.

Services Offered

Council on Aging offerings may include:
-Meals (home delivered)
-Health screenings
-Health insurance counseling
-Fitness, wellness and recreation activities
-Life-long learning
They serve as a link to and support for elders.

Each Council on Aging determines its own priorities based on local needs and resources. Senior centers are a welcoming place for older adults who wish to remain independent in their community.

Core Responsibilities

The three core responsibilities of the Councils on Aging are:

  • To identify the needs of senior citizens as well as available resources within the community.
  • To educate the community-at-large regarding senior issues and advocate for the needs of its seniors.
  • To design, promote and implement needed services and to coordinate the efforts of agencies which serve seniors.